Lemme Tell Ya..

We are a family ran and operated shop. We are here to spread the contagious community we have been building the past 3 years- and boy, WE GOT IT. Through fashion, we are ready to treat you and INSPIRE you like the pure GOLD you always knew you were. Dream on sister, we believe in you!
My name is Kayla and quite frankly- I’m all about CELEBRATING YOU! As a mom of 4 super sweet (sometimes devil) babies, I get it. I get it ALLL. It’s hard being a woman- mom, business owner, WHATEVER the title. But guess what? It’s up to US to truly embrace it! SO here I am, in my crazy mess, EMBRACING myself (and now your cute face) through FASHION. Don’t get me wrong, most days I might not get dressed till 2pm and people may question how much dry shampoo is in my hair (if there’s such a thing) BUT I’m LOVING life with my family by my side- in the best outfit, cutest shoes, and top notch jewlery.
Can’t wait to share ALL OF THE THINGS with you and THANK YOU for choosing us. Excited to do life together- LET’S DO THIS.
xo Kayla. Joey. Karcyn. Juddson. Mavicyn. Luxson.